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Our online workshop theme is “Compost for beginners. Tips and tricks to start”

Composting in the rural areas in Romania is moreĀ  popular. What about people willing to compost in cities? What are the rules to respect for the community’s wellbeing?

Do you have questions about #compost and #composting? Ask us your questions during the Zoom webinar on Friday, May 28, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. Participation is free up to 100 participants.
The link to connect to Zoom is here:
Meeting ID: 968 5572 7152


Let’s discuss about:
Compost legislation in Romania and local regulations.
First steps in composting.
Appropriate tools and basic rules.
Compost in the city and biowaste valorification advantages.

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Organizer : Urban Cultor Compost team

Start Date : 2020-05-28

End Date : 2020-05-28

Time : 6.00 pm

Cost : Free

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