Compost café, Community and Soil

“Food for the Earth” is a community based initiative for composting on site.

It builds low carbon infrastructure and offers low carbon services as an integrated and innovative green economy and social approach. It offers well designed and beautiful community composting systems, where the community provides the raw materials and benefits from the end product. It creates spaces for social cohesion and transgenerational connections – adults, kids and elderly. It empowers local communities and promotes climate-friendly behavior and ways to live.

Design, build, install and operate shared compost locations in urban areas and create and communicate campaigns about composting at the household level is a very natural and responsible step for climate change mitigation and soil regeneration.

The event “Compost café, Community and Soil” is dedicated to community willing to understand the process, to implement composting projects in their neighbourhood but also public administration open to support similar projects. We will discuss about existing legislation and possible changes to renew it, about already existing projects and possibilities to scale them.

Key Features

Our main goal is to create, adapt, transfer knowledge and raise awareness among citizens and municipalities about soil’s health in urban and periurban areas.

Addressing the issue of organic waste will help solving a lot of problems starting with decreasing of landfilling, improving organic waste management, increasing ecological awareness and engagement of the citizens and closing the chain (circular economy) as well as creating green jobs.

I want to compost but I live in a block of flats/ in the city. What solutions do I have?
What can I compost? Does the compost smell? Can I compost citrus? What about onions?
How can I implement a projet in my area? Where can I find legislative information and support?
I am a local administration, can I implement similar projects in the city? How can I contribute in creating legal content on composting procedures in urban areas?

Event Details

Organizer : Urban Cultor Compost in urban areas

Start Date : 2023-06-09

End Date : 2023-06-09

Time : 8.30 am

Cost : Free

Event Venue

Venue : Parc Cinematograf Floreasca

Address : no. 2 Ludwing van Beethoven street, Bucharest, Romania

E-mail :

Phone : 0742188912

Website :